Small Business Owner Advice: What to Do Now That Tax Season is Over

Now that tax season is over, what do you do next?

As a small business owner, whether you received a sizable refund or had to pay Uncle Sam a hefty sum because you had a great 2016, you’re probably relieved that you’ve made it through another year. (We certainly are!)

This article will discuss the needs of our clients – who are small to medium sized business owners – and what you should do now to prepare throughout this year, as well as how to get ready for the next one.

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Benefits of Hiring a Bookkeeper

Do most of them focus on saving you time? Are they mostly about saving your company money? Do you just want good, clean, bulletproof books so you can stay on top of your accounts payable and accounts receivable? Do you want to improve your cash flow?

Or do you want expert financial advice about expanding your business regionally, about how to do business internationally, or how to use QuickBooks Custom Fields for enhanced reports?

Whatever your bookkeeping needs are, this article shares the eight reasons that Books In Balance clients have said they benefit from having a local bookkeeper help them.

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Tax Preparation Services in Marin County

Most people only think of April 15th as the deadline for filing their federal and state taxes through tax preparation services like Books In Balance.
The fact is, there are many other dates to remember when you want to minimize what you pay to both Washington, DC and Sacramento, California. In fact, this should be a yearlong concern.
Though most of our clients hire us in the early part of the year and think that they’re done thinking about taxes in the middle of next month, this article will provide some tips on why you should not ignore May through December for being aware of tax savings and deductions through tax preparation services in Marin County.

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